About us

Packaged in cartons, Norbeco dreams of inspiring people to stay hydrated in a caring way, both for the planet and for the body.

We want our customers to not only quench their thirst, but to cut plastic to help save the planet.

Water is good for you, wether it’s from the tap, on a reusable bottle, or from a carton pack when you’re on the go! 

Now that’s cool!


Cool Water is purified before we add back minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Thanks to advanced purification processes of the waterworks and the mineral that gives the water an alkaline pH value of +/- 8, you can stay well hydrated with fresh cool water.

Developed for the modern citizen, cool comes in various flavours to fit your style, mood and taste of the day. 

NATURAL for the ones who likes it crisp and pure.

APPLE TWIST for the ones who like it delicious and fresh. 

LEMON TWIST for the ones who like it refreshing and exciting.

RASPBERRY TWIST for the ones who like mouth-watering fun!

cool combines two of the most important things for us: healthy hydration and climate continuousness.

The pack also protects the water inside in a natural way without any need for additives or preservatives.


Norbeco is partnered up with Tetra Pak, who supply us with carton packaging mainly made from paperboard. But the cartons are not perfect yet! The cartons also contain thin layers of plastic and aluminum. 

Together, Norbeco and Tetra Pak aim to reduce the use of plastic, remove aluminium and increase the use of responsibly sourced paper-based material in our cartons. 


1. Use renewable and recycled materials so that we don’t drain our plants resources.

2. Focus on carbon neutral production and distribution.

3. Safe and convenient packaging for our products.

4. Use fully recyclable packing.

5. Keep Norbeco products in the recycling process.

Our goal is to have cartons that are 100% plant based, compostable and carbon neutral.