• Water
  • Natural aroma
  • Minerals
  • Zero calories
  • Zero sugar

kr225.00kr675.00 Ink.mva available on subscription

cool pure Norwegian water is mineral-rich water with hints of lemon, raspberry and apple flavour on sustainable carton packaging – which makes it easy for you to drink enough water!

The cool water is added to natural minerals that give a fresh and good taste, and is excellent for exercise, every-day life and on the go. The minerals give the water a pH value of +/- 8, and give the water a refreshing and hydrating feeling!

The carton keeps the temperature longer than a traditional plastic bottle and is a good alternative for you who want to make climate-smart choices and drink more water.

“Go nature, go carton. Drink cool! ”

  • There is no pant on cardboard
  • The carton can be folded when empty and takes up little space in the backpack or handbag
  • The carton is recycled as paper
  • The carton holds the temperature better compared to a plastic bottle
  • The carton has a significantly lower CO2 emission compared to a plastic bottle in a life cycle perspective.

cool pure Norwegian water is completely free of sugar and calories, and only natural aromas and minerals are added.